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You've seen the rest, now here is the best!
Ok, I know it's an old cliche, but then I'm old(er). But, what you will find on these pages are links to the best sites on the web. There are other good ones, but these are my sites and have resources you will find nowhere else!!
You will find reviews for some of the best books in existence.
You like humor? I've got it!
Ready for the holidays, or any special day? I have Jewelry to make it easy to please your significant one.
Computer problems? I can fix it and neither of us has to leave the house.
Just follow the links.
Most, but not all of the links on this site are mine. However, the one on top is For Kristie Maguire. It's on top because you need to open the cover to read the book!

Have a book with a lot of words but can't seem to get that cover picture just the way you want? Kristie Maguire can and she knows great covers because of her connection with Star Publishing (One of the best ones around).
You know what you want for a bookcover, but your paintbrush just doesn't go there? Check out this:

For all you readers out there, check these!!
Great gift ideas also!
Speaking of great books!
This one will have you laughing, crying, and by the end, wondering if it is fiction or prediction.
Storm - By Joyce A. Anthony One of the best books ever,
need a special gift? Check out these necklaces!!
Looking for a good laugh? (You're right, it is misspelled, but it's too late now)
So, you broke your computer?
For all of my reading friends out there, here is a site that has some cool PDF files. Some are free, some are inexpensive.
Want to put a little excitement and romance in your life? Looking for just that one romance writer that will get your toes tingling? Check out Beth Wylde at: